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Botox® and Dysport® are the leading wrinkle-reducing neuromodulators today. These noninvasive injectables vanquish the kind of wrinkles caused by muscle movement for up to four months at a time. Top-ranked dermatologist Robert Skaggs, MD, FAAD, and his team offer both Botox and Dysport to patients at the Kentucky Skin Cancer Center. If you’re looking to appear younger, take the easy path by calling either the Bowling Green or Franklin, Kentucky office today.

Botox and Dysport Q & A


What is Botox?

Botox is a cosmetic injectable known as a neuromodulator. It’s made from a neurotoxin derived from Clostridium botulinum. 

Botox temporarily paralyzes certain muscles involved in facial movements like raising eyebrows, squinting your eyes, and drawing your brows together. This, in turn, relieves facial wrinkles and deters new wrinkle development. 

Botox is used to treat:

  • Glabellar lines, the frown lines between brows
  • Forehead lines, lines in forehead
  • Crow’s feet, small clustered lines around eyes

Botox can sometimes help with other wrinkles, too. Talk to your Kentucky Skin Cancer Center provider for customized advice about other types of wrinkles that concern you. 

What is Dysport?

Like Botox, Dysport is a neuromodulator derived from Clostridium botulinum. The main difference between Dysport and Botox is the area of injection. Dysport is FDA-approved for use in your glabellar lines. 

Because the Dysport and Botox creation processes are different, the two products have different potencies. Around 25 units of Dysport equals 10 units of Botox. 

For some patients, Dysport works more effectively or lasts longer than Botox. It’s different for each individual, so you might want to try both at different times to decide which is more effective for you. 

How long before Botox and Dysport start working?

Botox can start working in just 24-48 hours, and Dysport generally takes 2-3 days to take effect. It’s different for each individual, so your onset time could be slightly less or more. 

How long do Botox and Dysport last?

Botox and Dysport last for a similar length of time. Generally, they reduce wrinkles for as much as four months at a time, but some patients enjoy even longer-lasting results. 

Do Botox and Dysport hurt?

Not at all. Most patients say that getting Botox and Dysport is almost painless. Your Kentucky Skin Cancer Center care provider administers Botox and Dysport with very slim needles and can also numb your skin ahead of time, if needed. The injections feel like a tiny sting that’s over in a fraction of a second. 

Botox and Dysport injections take effect quickly, and they can be the long-lasting answer to wrinkle reduction that you’ve been seeking. Call the Kentucky Skin Cancer Center to book your appointment and get started banishing your wrinkles now. 

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