Reveal a Youthful Glow with the Latest Technology in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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What Does a HydraFacial Address?

Cleanses, Extracts
and Hydrates

Addresses All
Skin Care Needs

Designed For

The 3-step process

Deep Exfoliation & Cleanse.

Using a wand with a special Vortex-Fusion design, we’ll exfoliate and clean the pores on your face. After that process is complete, we’ll use a peel to resurface and brighten your skin.

Removal of Debris & Dirt.

We’ll attach a special vortex-like vacuum to the wand that will extract all dirt and debris from your pores.

Moisturize & Rejuvenate.

Finally, to finish the process off, we’ll provide your skin with all of the antioxidants and peptides it needs to glow again.


HydraFacial uses a uniquely designed and patented Vortex-Fusion wand to make the treatment painless and as effective as possible. During the removal of all debris and dirt from your pores, its vortex effect makes it easy to dislodge even the most penetrated impurities. When delivering necessary antioxidants and peptides, it’s able to deeply moisturize the skin and provide lasting, desired effects.


“I can’t believe how much my skin is glowing”

I had my second session of hydrafacial today and I can’t believe how much my skin is glowing. I’ve had issues with my skin for past few months regarding sensitivity breakouts dryness and lack of brightness. I highly recommend this facial for all skin concerns.

– Molly C.

“My Friends Thought I Had a Facelift: Nope It Was a Hydrafacial”

“Just received the best compliment ever from a very close friend that I had not seen in awhile. She actually thought I had a facelift…. I’m only 45 so that was definitely not the case. I have had several people (20 or more ) comment on the glow of my skin and how bright it looks. ”

– Danielle P.

“5-star Experience & 5-star Results”

“I’ve struggled with hormonal acne & other skin issues for years and have grown increasingly frustrated with the non-holistic (not to mention overpriced) skin care therapies that traditional medical providers have to offer. I was ecstatic to find a knowledgeable skin care provider, treatments, & regiment that actually work for me. Would recommend a HydraFacial to anyone :)”

– Talin F.

Aging is a part of life, but you can age gracefully when working with our experienced team at The Aesthetic Suite. We’ll help you create the youthful glow, giving you confidence and comfort in your skin. That’s where Hydrafacial can help. It combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection that removes dead skin cells and impurities while simultaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin.

The benefits of visiting The Aesthetic Suite are not just skin deep. The Aesthetic Suite is a division of Kentucky Skin Cancer Center which gives us a 360° approach to your skin and your skin’s needs. You can enjoy a relaxing experience and feel comfortable knowing that your treatments are provided with the highest levels of medical professionalism.

Our goal is to help you meet your skincare needs and goals. We offer a variety of treatments that focus on anti-aging, acne treatments, skin protection, and so much more.

At the Aesthetic Suite you are not just a patient… You are family! We can’t wait to see you.